A message from Steve Hall - Backwoods Taxidermy Owner/Operator:

"Welcome to the newly redesigned www.backwoodstaxidermy.net. Thanks for visiting! I know you have many taxidermist to choose from. Let me show you why my customers come back year after year.

My motto is if it's worth doing - it's worth doing right the first time. After all you don't want to trust your trophy of a lifetime to just any taxidermist. Don't be fooled by low prices and quick turn-arounds. For quality taxidermy and deer processing - trust your deer with Backwoods. If there's anything I can help you with send me a message using our Contact Page."

- Steve Hall

Secure your mount!

If you've ever had trouble hanging your mount, or even having it fall off the wall - this is for you! Backwoods Taxidermy is now offering a new product for deer shoulder mounts. It's called the "Helping Hand Hanger." Developed by Steve, this hanger combined with a wall bracket will ensure your mount will hang easily and remain in it's place. Check out the video that demonstrates a weight test at over 240 pounds!

Not bringing your mount to Backwoods Taxidermy? That's OK - just ask your local taxidermist about the product. They are available through several taxidermy suppliers.